A wrong dose of any drug may end up in a worse medical condition. Likewise, a wrong translation of a pharmaceutical text may be of a fatal consequence to patients who rely on such inaccurate translation. Medicalize has more than 10 years of experience in handling translations for leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Our pharmaceutical translation team is highly knowledgeable in translating clinical trials, biochemical research papers, pharmacological studies and drug instructions. For more specialized materials, Medicalize prefers to seek the help of subject matter experts (SME) like pharmacists and pharmacologists to make a final review of the final target version to ensure all terms used are compliant with the industry-specific terminology, technically precise and appropriate to the targeted audience.

Our pharmaceutical translation services include the following specialties:
  • Drug Ingredients Forms
  • Drug Leaflets
  • Drug Precautions and Indications
  • Lab Reports
  • Over-the-counter Drugs Indications
  • Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
  • Pharmaceutical Ingredient Reports
  • Pharmaceutical Trials & Studies
  • Pharmacological Studies
  • Pharmacology Articles
  • Prescription Drug Information
  • Toxicity Assessments
  • Pharmacist and Pharmacist’s Assistant Training Materials