Medical Multimedia ( Transcription, Subtitling, Voiceover) Services

When we access websites, apps and social media, the experience is no longer limited to stale text and static images, but there is a possibility to quickly load video, audio, and animations. This all provides a more immersive and interactive user experience, and to optimize the impact of your multimedia content for a global audience, it must be localized.


Medicalize offers inclusive multimedia localization services that will help you deliver your content to international customers in meaningful and effective ways.


Our multimedia localization process includes:


  • Transcription 

The spoken text is transcribed along with on-screen text/captions and organized in a script form. It is important to have a transcription of all original content, so it can be later translated, edited, and proofread into the target language.

  • Translation

The audio transcripts are then reviewed by specialists to ensure absolute accuracy of language, grammar, idioms, and local references.

  • Localization

The content is then analyzed for cultural and linguistic nuances that might not align with the intended audience.

  • Voiceover & Dubbing

The localized transcripts are re-recorded as new voice overs, often with additional editing and overdubbing to ensure production quality is maintained.


Sometimes Subtitling is used as an alternative to voiceover

  • Subtitling

 The video captioning is an adaptation of the video content displayed on the screen in very precise words to capture the style and attune with the audio.


Subtitles are a quicker, lower-cost method of localization—the downside being the loss of audio.