Mt Post Editing

To meet the demands of a changing market, we provide MT post editing. Although MT has proven its liability, it still needs the hands of skillful translators to bring the best out of it. 


Benefits of MTPE:

  1. The ability to handle rushing projects 
  2. The ability to handle large volumes in a short time.
  3. The ability to produce error-free translation.

Types of MT post-editing:

  • Full post-editing: 
    • The goal of full post-editing is to make the most of the usable parts of the MT text, and at the same time, to make the translation linguistically correct, stylistically good, terminologically accurate, and consistent.
  • Light post-editing:
    • The goal of light post-editing is to make the MT text understandable and adhere to client's specific requirements concerning the quality of certain elements of the text, e.g.: the client may ask to make sure that product names are left untranslated, or always capitalized, etc.