Your website is the gateway to your potential audience and it is your window on the web. Websites should be designed to inform, educate and attract your potential customers. If you are a hospital administrator, medical professional, medical devices distributor, or a drug manufacturer and you are assigned to reach global markets, you may be looking to translating and localizing your medical organization's website into new languages.

However, if your website isn't localized properly it can lead to a negative impression about your product or service, harm a patient, cause regulatory issues of your medicine or medical device, or it could send your potential audience off causing a bad reputation for your organization. That is why your website localization project should be managed by professional linguists specialized in the medical industry. At Medicalize, we understand that website localization is not just about language translation. it also requires adaptation of linguistic, cultural and technical aspects of the target website. Our objective of any website localization project is to create a website in the target language that appeals to the target audiences.

Each of our website localization projects consists of three phases:

1- Project Preparation:
This stage is handled by a dedicated Project Manager and it includes:

  • Project Assessment
  • Project Planning
  • Source Allocation
  • Content Analysis
  • Review Translation Memories, Glossaries, and Termbases

2- Website localization:
This stage is handled by our professional linguists and translators and it includes:

  • Translating the website content and database into Arabic and the other Middle Eastern languages we support.
  • Localizing the website design by editing and updating all graphic elements including illustrations, images, colors, symbols and more so that it becomes culturally appealing to the target language audience.
  • Adapting all measurements of the target language by converting currency, date formats, weight and length measures and any other cultural differences.
  • Changing the alignment of text from LTR (left to right ) to RTL (right to left) and handling any design issues that arise from the new alignment.

3- Testing:
This stage is handled by our proofreaders and technical testers and it includes:

  • Linguistic Testing
  • Functional and Technical Testing
  • Interface and Design Testing

Medicalize offers professional website localization services to all types of medical websites such as:

  • Dental Websites
  • Chiropractic Websites
  • Optometry Websites
  • Cosmetic Websites
  • Health Insurance Websites
  • And More...