Medical Testing Services

Medical device manufacturers are heavily regulated entities. Therefore it is essential to thoroughly test their medical product or service (software or hardware components) to produce a high-quality product that meets regulations, and stringent levels of accuracy while maintaining a successful end-user experience. It is critical to accurately localize the content as the slightest mistake can cost lives.Medicalize fully understands that comprehensive and high-quality testing is unquestionably an important element of the localization process.

Our testing process involves:

  • Test plan development
  • Linguistic review.
  • Functionality and convenience
  • Layout and orientation
  • Checklists and sign-off reports

Our testing services improve product and service quality, increasing its reliability, efficiency, and accuracy. Our testing solutions guarantee that your medical hardware, software and publication will meet highest levels of conformance to regulations, convenience to user, and market image positioning.

Our testing process ensures that:

  • All content components are linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate
  • The resource files are fully included and accurately allocated
  • All objects and items in the localized version function properly
  • The locale-specific norms are followed and well-adapted
  • Layout and format are well set and displayed; no character corruption or text truncation