Medical Localization Services

Medical organizations all over the world have been merging software, electronics, mechanics, science and other technologies to build top-notch solutions to help those in need. From treating cancer and cardiovascular disease to helping those who suffer from diabetes, new technology has been developed and perfected over the years in order to save lives, improve health and contribute to sustainable healthcare.

In alignment with quality management system (ISO 9001:2008), Medicalize provides localization services for medical devices, software, websites and multimedia that are both conformant with local regulatory terms and international quality standards. The track record for accuracy and years of experience in the medical localization field make us a leading medical localization company providing high-quality medical translation. Our team of professional medical translators and localizers understands all the challenges of the medical localization process.

Medicalize provides medical software localization services for:

  • Embedded Medical Device Systems
  • Medical Simulation Technology
  • Medical Research Software
  • Medical Database Software
  • Medical Appointment Scheduling
  • Medical Diagnostic Software

Medicalize provides medical websites localization services for all types of medical websites:

  • Dental websites
  • Chiropractic websites
  • Optometry websites
  • Cosmetic websites
  • Health insurance websites

Moreover, Medicalize produces localized versions out of various types of medical related multimedia content such as:

  • Training materials for medical products or devices
  • Patient educational videos
  • Recordings from operating room
  • Physicians and patients interview
  • Diseases awareness videos