The growing interest in online activity demands for localized software and IT services to support companies and implement online innovative ideas. Spending money and time on IT & software localization and maintenance continues to grow rapidly as organizations strive to expand their IT usage. 


By localizing your IT/software product or service, you enhance user experience and accelerate the process of gaining more revenue.


Software Localization is the process of adapting software to the culture and language of your target customer. The process involves:

  • Text localization
  • Graphic Design localization
  • User Experience (UX) localization
  • Media localization
  • Standard of measurement localization
  • Localization testing 


We also localize IT products to reach new markets, and make your product appeal to the new customers by providing localization services for:

  • Manuals & brochures
  • Product information
  • Website content
  • Marketing content
  • Commercial policies