The Middle East is one of the best regions to invest in in the gaming industry. It has a rapidly growing and high-demand market for modern games, whether they are for PC, console, or mobile phones, and around 22 countries regard Arabic as a mother language; that is why game publishers must modify their games to suit Arabic game culture to gain access to the massive games market in the Middle Eastern countries. 


It is undeniable that most of the games are created and developed to suit the Western world. Therefore, games should undergo a careful and accurate translation and cultural preparation process to gain the approval of users in the Middle Eastern region.


Whether you're an AAA game publisher, an indie producer, a mobile developer, a VR developer, or anything in-between, Medicalize offers localization services that suit you and your game's needs. 


Our team is made up of dedicated, talented and passionate native in-house linguists, with more than a decade of experience in game localization, guaranteeing the highest quality localization each and every time. We are grateful to be able to work with top video game developers and publishers.


We provide our clients with a full range of localization services for all types and genres of video games. With more than 3000 games localized, Household video games publishers consider us a reliable partner to bring their games to the Middle Eastern audience.

We guarantee:

  • Native SMEs
  • Fast turnaround
  • Rigorous proofreading
  • Quality check
  • Consistency checks
  • Character length checks
  • Terminology verification
  • File delivered in the chosen format
  • Sound engineers
  • Terminology compliance
  • Localization QA
  • Voice-over studios
  • Speedy exchanges and constant communication


We offer:

  • User interface localization
  • User manual and print media localization
  • Game script translation
  • Graphic localization (DTP)
  • Subtitling & voice-over recording
  • Localization QA
  • Merchandising media localization (website translation, advertisements, etc.)