With changing times, working and learning remotely has become the new normal. Keeping this remote force engaged, tracking their progress and personalizing their training and development needs are some of the challenges that organizations and universities world over are able to cope with thanks to virtual training and eLearning platforms. However, with a globalized force to cater to, and learners preferring to learn in their native language, localizing your eLearning course will go a long way in keeping your learners engaged, motivated and giving them that much needed sense of inclusion.


eLearning localization projects by their very nature are full of moving parts – on-screen text, voiceover, transcripts, voiced and subtitled videos, quizzes – everything needs to be tightly integrated to ensure the best results.


Medicalize offers you the perfect blend of high quality linguists, localization engineers, multimedia and instructional designers to ensure your E-learning content meets its learning objectives.


Our E-learning solutions for a complete learning experience:

  • Translation & Localization

Multi-step processes that ensure accuracy and clarity for every project.

  • Cultural Adaptation

Context-sensitive approaches designed to resonate with audiences worldwide.

  • Voiceover & Production

High-quality voice overs synced to screen and in the format of your choice.

  • Video dubbing and subtitles

Whether subtitling, dubbing or animating text, our experts can guarantee that your message reaches your audience.

  • Digital publishing

From Photohop and Illustrator to Microsoft Office, Andovar's team can localize or recreate any graphic or illustration.

  • Linguistic & Functional Testing

Courseware testing on any browser, device or operating system.